Congregational Meeting/ Reunion Congregacional

Follow Us Calling ALL CCC Members! We are moving this month’s prayer meeting for the 14th, so we can open our Congregational meeting in prayer and then discuss very important matters. The agenda...

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New Bible Study / Nuevo Estudio Biblico

Follow Us New Bible Study Starting in August! Mary Jo Sharp’s Why do You Belive That (book only available in English) Small groups available on: -3 Sunday School groups at 10:15 AM (begins...

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Oct 17-18 Apologetics Conference!

Follow Us Don’t miss this great opportunity! Spaces are limited No se pierda esta gran oportunidad! Espacios limitados. Follow the event in Facebook/Siguenos en Facebook View Mary Jo Sharp’s Information & Ministry/ Informacion...

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New! College Age Meetings/ Reuniones de Universitarios

Follow Us Bring a friend to our College Age Meetings: Trae un amigo a el ministerio de universitarios: When/ Cuándo: Sundays/ Domingos @ 7 PM Where/ Dónde: CCC Hilson Hall What/ Qué:  Meetings geared to Young Adults./...

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Be Our Guest!/ Visitanos!

Follow Us Looking for an English speaking church in the San Juan and Guaynabo area? Or maybe you want to practice your Spanish? At CCC we love to have guests! Drop by any of...

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Sunday Bulletin/ Boletin Dominical

Follow Us   BULLETIN_August_17_2014 BULLETIN_August_10_2014    

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